$10 donation to the Chanda Plan Foundation

$10 donation to the Chanda Plan Foundation


Each $10 donation will allow a member of #TeamCoda to pie Tim and Tommy in the face! They may even have to dive into a giant pie if we can get enough support... Event will occur live on our social media accounts on March 8, 2018. 

100% of each donation will go to the Chanda Plan Foundation, and will help provide access to integrative therapies, improving the quality of lives for individuals with physical disabilities.

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The Chanda Plan Foundation was created when founder, Chanda Hinton’s life was saved by integrative therapies. On her deathbed, at a scant 59 lbs. she was desperate to try anything. Through integrative therapies Chanda regained her health and felt more alive than she ever had  since that life changing day when she became a quadriplegic. Why in 10 years had integrative therapies not been recommended? Why wasn’t anybody talking about the benefits?  These questions and Chanda’s life saving outcome fueled the start of the foundation and the mission of improving the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities through direct services and systemic change to access integrative therapies.

Chanda Plan's direct services include acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, cranial sacral, adaptive exercise and adaptive yoga. Services are provided at the foundation and at provider locations nationwide.  Integrative therapies promote wellness and healing for acute and chronic conditions caused by physical disabilities. Giving individuals better health outcomes and lower medical bills.

For more information please visit iamtheplan.org